Chase Memorial Nursing Home is focused on providing high quality Short-term Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing care in a unique setting bursting with life.
We assist people to live every day to the fullest, to become stronger and all that they can be. 

What makes us unique? 
We bring together various elements of life every day.  
Welcoming you into our lobby is the flutter and chatter of chirping birds. Be sure to greet the golden retriever patiently waiting to be petted by your chair.  Listen and smile as the laughing children come in to com-plete their special art project with the "grandmas and grandpas."  Smile at the lazy cat curled up in the sunshine on that comfy recliner.  Be sure to enjoy a stroll through our colorful shrub and flower gardens.  Listen to, sing along, or even get up and dance to the Louis Armstrong jazz or Broadway show tune music that brings cheerful memories streaming back.    
Our dedicated staff have been fully trained to assist you with your every need.  They expertly provide care and caring while incorporating lively elements to make for an interesting, full day.  We make it possible for you to continue to dream your dreams and reach for the next opportunity while receiving excellent care in a safe and secure, comfortable environment.  

Our Services:

Short Term Rehabilitation and Skilled Long Term Care

24 Hour Nursing Care

Physical, Occupational, and Speech therapy 

Intravenous Therapy

Tracheotomy Care

Wound Care

Tube Feeding

Individualized Meal Planning

Social Work Services including individualized discharge planning

Psychological Services

Dental Services

Podiatry Services

Oxygen Therapy

Specialized Life Focused Activities

Peritoneal Dialysis

Lourdes Affiliated Medical Staff


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