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 Our Vision:
    Chase Life, Chase Quality, ChaseHealth to continue life's journey

 Our Mission

   To provide care that's tailored to our customer's goals and draw upon a number of holistic methods to develop a plan of care that is individualized and promotes the greatest independence and quality of life.


Our Values:

   Respect for All

   Unqualified Dignity

   A Helping Hand


   Joy and Laughter

   Always Hope


   Chase Memorial Nursing Home opened in 1972 on top of West Hill just behind the former high school in New Berlin, NY. 
   Led by our former medical director, Dr. William Thomas, we pioneered a different way of providing nursing home care, one that was focused  on vibrant life for skilled nursing home residents.  This approach later became well-known as The Eden Alternative.  
   Through Chase's
Life Focus, we continue to promote life to the full for all individuals based on their interests, hopes, and desires.  Explore our website to see what we've been up to lately.

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   The Chase Community consists of: 
    ChaseHealth Rehab and Residential Care
          -Rehab Services: Physical Therapy,  
             Occupational Therapy & Speech Therapy
          -Skilled Nursing Care
                            (607) 847-7000
     Independent Senior Housing Apartments
         -operated by Chenango Housing Improvement 
                        (607) 334-3867
     Chase Community Center
       - available to rent the space for gatherings
                              (607) 847-7000
     New Berlin Day Treatment Center 
      -operated by Broome Developmental Services/ 
        Office of People with Developmental Disabilities
                               (607) 847-6105
     Location:  1 Terrace Heights, New Berlin, NY 13411
     Visiting Hours: 24 hours a day 

 Board of Directors

Jack Roque, President
Roger Halbert, Vice President
Wayne Benjamin, Treasurer
Timothy Hyle, Secretary
Kathleen Bunnell
Joan Lacey
Judy Seier
Michael Keenan
Patricia Mackey


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